SteelMaster Live: 5 Top Benefits of Building a Quonset Hut

Why should you even choose a Quonset Hut? Building specialists William Swafford and Scott Matthews are here to answer your questions live.


Good afternoon everybody I’m William this welcome to SteelMaster Live. Again I’m William Swafford and I’m one of the design specialists at SteelMaster. I’ve been here for about 15 years now working on commercial projects and all the custom work and a lot of international business as well as the simple backyard shed shops and homes that people want to live in. This is Scott. Scott Matthews. I’ve been here for five and a half years. I mainly help people with homes, workshops, garages, and a lot of different items, but today we’re going to cover the benefits of going with a Quonset Hut and you can leave questions for us at the end of our discussion. And we go with the five top benefits of building a Quonset Hut and the first things is that they’re disaster resistant. I mean these buildings, the highest concentration of Quonset Huts are in high wind load areas, high snow load areas. We’ve had buildings survive tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes. It’s just super strong and people have sent us stories after going through those events, thanking us for having a SteelMaster building. And then the second benefit that people really love about them they’re clear span and there’s no trusses, posts, or beams throughout the building so that means you can lay out your design any way you wish on the interior. It’s an extremely strong design with that arch which allows that to be clear span. They’re self-supporting and like I said again the main thing is that they’re wide open on the interior. One thing I think is really interesting about that’s if you’re doing a home of course it gives you the ability to put things anywhere you want. You’re not encumbered by any framing or bracing like if it was a conventional building or if it had big trusses hanging in there like a house. The other thing that’s that’s important there is that clear span space doesn’t allow for if you’re if this is an outdoor building but say it’s an equipment shed or it’s a garage, there’s no place for birds to nest up and hang out on. If you’ve ever been in any pole barn there’s always a bunch of birds hanging out in there doing what birds do. One of the things I really love about this I love to always tell people that because nobody thinks that way but it is important aspect of the clear span thing there really is. It’s just nice to have that full space and not have to deal with anything in your way if you’re if you’re doing a shop that has to have a certain items in certain places and things of that nature as well. , I’m also going to move on to talk a little bit about how these buildings are eco-friendly. SteelMaster uses an 80% recycled steel products of the coil steel that we’re getting from the middle that manufacturers for us use recycled content in that material and not only is it good for the environment of course it makes it a little more cost effective as well. The other thing that we talk about with our being eco-friendly is the coating. The Galvalume Plus coating has a reflective quality they will actually push off some of the heat. It’s an Energy Star rated material and that definitely helps keep the buildings a little bit cooler and of course the Galvalume coating gives the building some longevity that you won’t get from a galvanized coating or just even the galvalume of the regular Galvalume not the Galvalume Plus. Of course the buildings are all steel. Steel is a recyclable material and that’s important if you ever want to think about the next generation of using this building again. And again if the eco-friendly thing is most important to you that’s a good way to do it. And of course the the energy savings that afforded to you by the pushing off of some of that heat from the coating and being able to put up an efficiently manufactured material and product there. The next I’m not even looking at the questions I guess we should see. the next thing I would talk about would be the assembly. We kind of just lead into that ease of assembly is very important and a lot of the reason why people choose a Quonset Hut. People want to do it themselves. People want to be in control of the project. People are trying to get off the grid so to speak. Our system is one size nut and bolt. It’s a pretty simple methodology. Most people can follow along without any problems and of course we have help here. You can call me or Scott. you can call your salesperson or our customer service department has a fully staffed construction consultant in-house. We’ll answer any questions that we can that you have. Our ultimate goal always is to make sure your building gets erected and you’re using it. If I sell you a building that you can’t get up or that you’re having trouble with, I haven’t done my job, Scott hasn’t done his job, SteelMaster hasn’t done their job and that’s important to us to make sure that you’re going to get a building that not only solves your problems but that you can actually get it together, use it and of course that’s going to spark an interest from a neighbor or friend or someone else that’s going to say ‘hey where’d you get that?’ maybe we’ll sell another building. It’s a win-win and as and as we like to call it there. you want to add that to anything Scott? No, I think you covered that pretty well. The other thing that some people ask about a lot is are these building portable? Can they be moved? That’s an interesting question. the term permanent structure versus a non-permanent or portable structure is really going to be defined by your county. If you need permits or if you don’t need permits, again this is something that we can’t usually tell you. You’ll have to look locally and find that out. Now we do manufacture a number of products and one of them happens to be what we call liftable portable structure so if you had a project that you wanted to be able to say pick the building up with a crane and set it off to be able to move a pp or an engine or a motor or a giant part to a ship that needs to be sandblasted, we do that and we’ve done it many many times and it’s especially product but of course it’s something we can do. If you mean can I set up my SteelMaster building on a job site, work for two years on this site and then take it down and move it to the next jobsite, absolutely. That’s also something that our system allows for that most conventional steel buildings don’t allow for. You want to be able to take the building apart using nuts and bolts rather than screws like a conventional building uses. Once you unscrew those panels the panels are shot you have to throw them away. With our panels, you can reassemble the building with our new nuts and bolts or at least new washers. When you do that, we can help you think about that ahead of time or you can order the bolts later. Portable building is certainly an option. It’s kind of a unique option that we have and we don’t sell a lot of them but it is out there for you if that’s something that you want to talk about or think about. Another plus for these buildings is it’s they’re super simple to add to the length of the building. There’s not much you can do with the width of the building once you put it up, but in two foot increments you can add to the length and go with unlimited lengths on these buildings. So do we have any we don’t have any actual questions coming in it doesn’t look like so hopefully we’ve got some people, we’ve got some people tuned in. I guess the thing to do maybe now will be to talk about some projects that we’ve done in the past and just kind of give you just a general sense of what we do. I think I kind of touched on it in the beginning we handle things everywhere from simple backyard shed to the roofs on grocery stores and airport buildings and all kinds of different things project big or small, we can typically at least give you some direction in that first phone call whether it’s something we can handle or not or if it’s something that we can do for you. it does look like we’ve got a couple of phone calls. Hey Tony hey Kelly how are you today? You want to I’m going to touch knees and see what you got there you see that. I see it. Can you tell me these questions? Can you talk briefly about delivery requirements on the jobsite? I’ve talked to a competitor one specific spaced off is still on the jobsite. I mean it’s best it’s an eighteen-wheeler it’s a big truck. A lot of time they have to have space to turn around. There’s not a forklift on the truck so it’s best to have a piece of equipment, a tractor with forks, a forklift, any piece of equipment. The pallets are two foot wide, ten foot long. It’s just best to have a piece of equipment there. There are also a lot of clients that called a flatbed tow truck company. They have a five ton flatbed tow truck back right up to the truck, wench the pallets off and then that truck’s much smaller and can maneuver on people’s property and drop that building just about anywhere on your property that you prefer. So that’s another option if you don’t have access to a tractor or forklift. we try not to load the pallets more than about 3,500 pounds, so usually they’re going to be around three thousand or less pounds. I mean I’ve had projects where it’s back in the mountains or something and you can literally take a pallet at a time in the back of a pickup truck and work them up into some small places. That’s again the beauty of this system. It’s pretty in knockdown form, it’s pretty small, it’s easy to maneuver the pieces and get them into places that maybe you don’t have enough room. I’ve had plenty of job sites in say New York City where there’s not any room to lay down these things and do it. You have to build it in small pieces and maneuver around stuff and our system handles that kind of kind of issue very well. Let’s see here. Kelly had a question. Kelly says what are the strengths and benefits of clear span versus a building with trusses or beams. There’s not always a clear strength benefit. Again the benefit oftentimes there is is that space. A usable space not having the trusses in the way again the benefit of going against conventional building is being able to construct it yourself versus having to hire a crane operator or a crane a crew that’s trained to do it. A conventional building has hundreds of parts, fifteen twenty different fastener sizes and things that you have to figure out if you’re trying to do it yourself it’s not as easy as it looks. Our system again one size nut and bolt. Its pre-cut, pre-punched. Everything’s there for you. They’re small manageable pieces that you can handle by yourself and I think just that ease of construction is really the bigger benefit over the conventional building. And just another thing to add on about a conventional building the self-tapping screws. I mean I think we’re the only building out there in the market that uses nuts and bolts so and that’s a big plus. that is a big plus. So Lauren Ryder asked will a bank finance a Quonset home and that’s a question you’re going to have to ask your bank Lauren. It’s a reasonable question I think if you were just trying to do this thing kind of off the grid yourself you’d have a little more trouble. If you had a formalized plan and drawings from and architect and loan trying to get the property and all that stuff lined up would be a little bit different but it would probably have to be the right bank I guess is the only advice I would have for you there. We don’t do any in-house financing so of course you’re going to have to bring your financing to the table and do that research on your end. But we’ll do what we can to help if there’s something we can offer to satisfy the bank people about the building or the structure or the engineering of it that will help with the loan process of. We’ll do whatever it takes typically to help you get it figured out. Just to add to that about bank financing. It’s not real common. People have done it, it’s not real common but to add to what William said, the more you can present to a bank if you can tell them you’re going to get stamped engineer’s drawings and you’re going to have an architect with plans to place in front of a bank. You’ll have much better odds of getting a loan from a bank for a house. Okay and let’s see here Jeannie’s chair keening shop has a new question. Hi Jeannie thanks for watching. I have been thinking about customizing my front and back wall instead of using steel. Is this just as sturdy? Jeannie, that’s again the beauty of the SteelMaster. It’s a kit that you can kind of customize and do whatever you want with it so the bulk of the buildings we sell open-ended get closed in by the customers and we end up calling them a custom end wall. You can build that wall as strong or as weak as you want that’s going to be on you. I always recommend thinking about two by six framing again thinking eco-friendly being able to put more insulation in there and things of that nature that helps but lot of most people use a two by four simple framing system or simple metal studs and then sided with something that maybe matches their home. If it’s going in the backyard or matches another existing building around it but oftentimes you’ll find that the end walls, the customized walls are built yourself end walls are going to be easier to deal with because you can now put your openings exactly where you want them and you can dress that building up. If you use the SteelMaster panels, you’re going to be relegated to that eighteen inch panel spacing. You’re going to have to put the the door openings and window openings exactly where they fall in our panel breaks and you can’t maybe get them exactly like what you want so it’s kind of a toss-up. We’re always glad to give you a price for the end wall and recommend that you take a look at doing it yourself to see if you can have a price benefit there. As far as strength, again our system is going to be engineered and designed to meet the loading of the snow and wind requirements. Whatever you design, you’ll obviously be responsible for ensuring that it meets any loading requirements. Kelly asked how you customize building for the local weather, example Colorado snow loads. Our engineers review every site where these buildings are going to be erected and we we engineer specs out to specific gauges of metal to accommodate snow loads, wind loads, and seismic zones, so our engineers take care of that and you are provided stamped engineered blueprints for your state so you can get a permit. Okay it looks like Cameron has a question. Hi Cameron again thanks for watching us. Cameron’s question is what’s the difference between a SteelMaster Quonset Hut and other buildings of the style? Cameron, that big difference is going to be and a lot of the difference quality is going to be right here. It’s talking to people like Scott and me. Guys that are experienced doing what we do that know how to sell these buildings and how to make sure that we’re solving a problem and satisfying requirements for your project. Each of the manufacturers that do these has a different style of doing that and has different pieces and parts. Some of the companies have a different coating, some of the companies have a different warranty, and some of the companies use a different bolt. we try not to get into specifics of this one or that one. I always recommend that people make that phone call, taking a look at ours, listening to what we have to say here. what we have to offer and if you’re going to be in the market doing your due diligence of course you’re going to want to take a look around and see what else is out there and we always encourage you to to give us a shot at it and let us show you what the real difference is. But I think the support you get on the back end the know-how and the knowledge and the experience that we offer and I think we have a superior product as far as our coating our warranties our bolts, all the thing I mentioned that’s long and short I guess. Any of you all have any more questions? Okay well I think that’s a that’s going to be it for us on this session. We’ll certainly let again and appreciate you guys looking at us and talking to us through through your things. The website of course is and you can see us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and all over the World Wide Web. The phone number’s eight hundred three four one seven zero zero seven. Thank you very much.