The Beauty of the Arch

The arch is one of the most influential forms in history. Architects have used it to build some of the most spectacular structures in history. SteelMaster has provided custom panels to help create some modern works of art.


Simple. Strong. Stunning. The magnificent beautiful arch. It’s one of the most influential forms in Western Civilization. Roman engineers used it in many of their designs. The arch has been a crucial element in architecture for its strengths and dramatic effect. “Hi. I’m William one of the senior design specialists here at SteelMaster Buildings. A lot of times people ask me if we do custom work or if we deal with architects directly. Of course the answer is yes. We’ve done many many projects with architects all over the world as big as names like Michael Graves, El Dorado architects. I worked on a project called the Arc House with a guy named Maziar Behrooz out of Manhattan. The Arc House is one of the first really big custom homes we did in the Hamptons.” The house’s main living area was made out of a SteelMaster structure, a multi-million dollar home that people would have never believed was one of these steel Quonset Huts. The American Energy Fitness Center in Oklahoma City came to SteelMaster with a very specific request. These guys called in to ask about building a gymnasium structure for their employees and they wanted it to be hail proof so the idea was to use SteelMaster’s structural steel panel as an exterior cladding to protect their structure almost entirely from hail was the purpose of our structure. The arch, it’s one of the most enduring building forms known to man. It invites artistic innovation. Add a SteelMaster arch to your next project. SteelMaster Buildings Contact us for more information