What’s the difference between 26 vs. 22 Gauge of Steel?

Do you know the difference between 26 gauge and 22 gauge of steel? SteelMaster’s President of Residential Sales is here to help.


“Hey Joe, it’s Anthony over here at SteelMaster Buildings. You’d asked me to put together just a quick video to demonstrate the difference between a straight wall building and a deep corrugated arch steel building. And remember we manufacture both of them. What I’m holding in my hand here is actually what would be the shell of a straight wall building. It’s a 26. This is 26 gauge of steel in my hands and I want to demonstrate how easily it flaps. You can see it flapping there and then I’ll put it together. I am not left-handed as you can see I’m holding it here in my left hand. This is 26 gauge material. Most straight wall buildings actually come in 29 gauge material which is much lighter the other the other steel panel I wanted to show you this is 22 gauge material and it’s also an 80 grade steel which is what I was telling you before. So as you can see as I try to shake it that it is much much stronger and holds its form better. I’m trying to pull it together so that you can see the difference. And again that’s that 80 grade steel that we were talking about. Anyway I hope that’s helpful.”