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GSA Approved Municipal, County & State Facilities & Buildings

Facilities managers in cities and towns across the United States trust SteelMaster Buildings when developing customized storage and shelter solutions for their resources and equipment.

From keeping road salt and bulk-material out of the elements to protecting expensive fleet vehicles, SteelMaster has a long history of partnering with your architects and engineers to develop the right building design within your budget parameters.

SteelMaster is the only company in the arch-style building industry that has an in-house design group of experts with decades of experience working with municipal facility managers, procurement officers and engineers.  We understand how valuable your time is and we work hard to make sure you are not wasting it.

SteelMaster Buildings is GSA approved and our government buildings have earned the favor of every military branch, as well as the Departments of Corrections, Transportation and Defense and Public Works. 

Our presence on the GSA schedule lets you know that we are audited to the highest business standards and our materials and engineering practices are trusted by the US Federal Government.  It also means that you may be entitled to take advantage of the GSA bulk purchasing prices.

Rick Rinehold, a facility manager at the hops farm Carpenter Ranches, one of the largest hops producers in North America, was impressed by both the quality of our products and our team’s high attention to detail.

“[We were] trying to identify three companies that we thought would be likely candidates to start a bidding process with and SteelMaster basically blew the other two out of the water,” Rinehold said. “They were just great to work with, Jon Hunter was phenomenal.

Not only will you be able to work with a design team you can trust, you will also be able to get the most out of your investment when you purchase a SteelMaster building.

There are many factors that make it beneficial to choose a SteelMaster structure for your project:

Meet Or Beat Building Budget Requirements

The cost of our steel arch-style buildings can be significantly lower than traditional building solutions.

SteelMaster’s prefabricated arches are pre-punched and pre-drilled at our factory before they are delivered to your job site.

When your building is delivered, you’ll receive most of what you need to put it together with just the help of a small crew depending on the size of the building. Larger projects will require more equipment to construct.

Our buildings only require the use of one size nut and bolt, and bolting the arches together is a breeze. This cuts down on the time it takes to build, which decreases labor costs.

Low Maintenance Costs & Time

Our buildings are made with high quality, commercial grade steel that has the ability to resist the elements and damage from extreme weather events.

Every arch also comes with a special Galvalume Plus coating which protects it from the harmful rays of the sun and from rust away over time. Each building is backed by a 40-year warranty. There is little to no regular maintenance required on our buildings. 

Long, Durable Building Solutions

Our buildings are built to last for decades using heavy, high tensile, industrial strength steel that comes in a minimum thickness of 22-gauge steel and a maximum thickness of 12-gauge steel.

The heavy grade steel provides an incredibly strong building that can withstand the bumps and bangs common to a working structure.

Quick Shipping and Delivery

When it comes to shipping and delivery, SteelMaster offers speed, efficiency, and logistics expertise.

If you need a building fast, our factory can have your building designed and produced in just a few weeks.

Plus, we are able to deliver a structure anywhere accessible by a flatbed truck in the continental United States. Since our structures are composed of a prefabricated multi-panel system, we can access hard to reach locations.

What to expect

When you contact SteelMaster Buildings, you’ll receive a consultation with one of our design specialists to review your building specifications at no cost.

During this consultation, your assigned design specialist will discuss the details of your project with you to understand its requirements and help you determine the best structure for your project.

Our design team’s extensive knowledge in bid work will make the bidding process seamless.

We can assist you with an existing bid or work with you to develop a bid package that meets or exceeds the specifications of your project, including but not limited to:

  • Foundation: Based on your needs, your building can be attached to concrete blocks or secured to a concrete slab or an alternative foundation.
  • Building envelope details: The size and model of your building, along with any opening requirements such as entryways and windows.
  • Engineering: SteelMaster state-stamped engineered blueprints meet all local building codes and load (wind; snow; seismic) requirements. All designs and calculations are stamped by a licensed, professional engineer. They also provide clearly diagrammed drawings of your building.
  • Performance Criteria: Our buildings can meet or exceed the code and load requirements for your specific location, including:
    • Seismic Loads: Our earthquake-resistant structures follow building codes maintained by the International Code Council (ICC), which have the best guidance on how structures should be designed and constructed to limit seismic risk. Our buildings can be designed to Seismic Design Category E for areas near a major fault with high seismic vulnerability.
    • Wind Loads: Our arch system is High-Velocity Hurricane Zone certified and can be designed to withstand winds over 200 miles per hour.
    • Snow Loads: During our design process, snow loads are calculated and the hemispherical shape and steel thickness allows it to stand up to heavy snow loads. SteelMaster has certified snow loads of 300 per square foot and greater.
    • Collateral Loads: For dead loads hung from the building, such as sprinkler systems, HVAC equipment, lighting, etc.
  • Accessories: The mechanics of additional parts including but not limited to ventilation and insulation, including the R-Values that are required for temperature control.
  • Final pricing: Your bid package will include a total price based on the design of your building.
  • Delivery Details: Based on the complexity of your project, will give you an approximate time of blueprint and building delivery once your project’s drawings are approved.

Based on your specifications, more details can be added to your bid package if necessary.

Our design specialists are standing by to work with your town, city or county to give you the best possible building solution that is cost-effective, durable and meets all your needs.  We are standing by to help you with your next project.


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