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Design Functionality Meets Aesthetics With SteelMaster Buildings

SteelMaster Buildings is the only arch company with a dedicated design team that specializes in custom project work. Your SteelMaster project manager will work with you every step of the way, from schematic design development to the bidding process and beyond.

Our team has the most comprehensive understanding of metal building design in the world. At SteelMaster, we’re not just trying to sell you a building. We’re here to consult on your steel building design to find a solution to your problem.

Jake Shiver, a contractor who has worked on several complex, large scale projects with SteelMaster, says the customer service has always been top notch.

“They’re doing their job, answering the technical questions, they’re not just selling a building and saying ‘Not my problem,’” Shiver said.

“Knowing and working with SteelMaster, I know that the ability to turn that project over, for us, is going to be assisted by the manufacturer,” Shiver said. “That’s gold–you can’t beat that with anybody else.”

We produce only the finest materials to the highest standards and are supported by the best engineering in the business. Every SteelMaster structure comes with state stamped engineered blueprints that meet all of your local building codes and load requirements. The designs and calculations are stamped by a licensed, professional engineer.

Sustainable Designs

SteelMaster’s Senior Design Specialist William Swafford has helped architects and large companies all over the world build some of the most spectacular Quonset hut designs in the industry. He was instrumental in the Sloss Furnaces project, the New York Art Farm, the City of Austin’s No-Kill Animal Shelter, The World Resource Company in Taiwan, HEB Grocery, and the Hodgdon Powder Company, to name a few. Not only is William one of the leading specialists in the field, he is also LEED certified.

Kara Hill Studio, a Minneapolis- based architecture firm, designed and built a Quonset hut workshop in a remote location in northern Minnesota. Sustainability is a common and important theme in the firm’s designs, and their SteelMaster Quonset hut was no different.

“[Sustainability] is something that we really try to emphasize to people. The SteelMaster Quonset Hut is extremely sustainable because it’s so little material for what it is, it’s fantastic,” Hill said.

All SteelMaster buildings are made of at least 80 percent recycled steel and are covered in Galvalume Plus coating, which reduces energy consumption by reflecting heat. This keeps buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Hill and her husband also worked with local loggers and steel workers who used locally available materials of steel remnants and cedar logs for the endwalls.

Award-Winning Buildings

SteelMaster’s highly-skilled project managers have worked with architects all around the world to design award-winning masterpieces.

Kara Hill Studio’s Quonset hut workshop won a 2017 American Institute of Architects Minnesota Honor Award.

“The judges, they’re nationally known architects who selected us, just talked about how interesting it was as a building. We’ve been getting great feedback online,” Hill said. “I just think people are more and more excited about Quonset huts and manufactured buildings like that.”

Another notable SteelMaster project was a multi-million dollar Quonset hut home in East Hampton New York known as the “Arc House.” The nearly $4 million arch-style home was designed by world-renowned architect Maziar Behrooz of MB Architecture and Design. The firm chose a metal Quonset hut because of its industrial look, cost-effectiveness and unobstructed interior space.

The Arc House has been wowing onlookers and gaining respect in the architecture community with its modern design aesthetic for many years. It has been featured in countless publications and has won several awards, including Pulse Magazine’s 2017 House of the Year, two AIA Peconic Honor Awards and an MCN Building and Roofing Awards.

Some designers choose to use the arch as a creative element instead of an entire building, like Edgar Papazian. Papazian’s goal was to add a livable, architectural-character space on the second level of a Portland bungalow. He previously considered other options, but only SteelMaster’s arches offered the look he wanted within his budget.

This home has been in several magazines and it is most popular for being used in the show called “Portlandia.” It was featured in an episode in which an alien fruit returned to space.

No matter what design you have in mind, SteelMaster’s project managers will help your vision come to life.


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