Partners in Steel

Bronze Level (1-5 Partners in Steel buildings)
$100 per building delivered
Silver Level (5-10 Partners in Steel buildings)
$125 per building delivered
gold Level (10-15 Partners in Steel buildings)
$150 per building delivered
platinum Level (15-20 Partners in Steel buildings)
$200 per building delivered
steelmaster Level (20+ Partners in Steel buildings)
$250 per building delivered

SteelMaster’s Partners in Steel Referral Program

Once you are a satisfied SteelMaster owner, we invite you to join our Partners in Steel referral program. The program is designed to encourage you to refer friends, family and neighbors who are interested in purchasing a steel building to SteelMaster. In addition, we will contact you if we have someone in your area who would like to see your building and speak with you about your SteelMaster building. And with each person who ends up purchasing a SteelMaster, you earn cash dividends for just bragging about your building!

Level Chart:

There is no limit on the referral bonuses you can earn! With our Partners in Steel program, the more people you brag to about our prefabricated buildings, the more cash you receive. The amount of dividends you earn depends on the number of new SteelMaster building owners that you “brag” to (refer to the chart on the left). Once you are registered, we will be tracking the number of sold buildings you assisted us with through referral sales. That’s a potential $4,000 or more that you can earn for just discussing your SteelMaster building 25 times!

How the Program Works

Friends & neighbors

Get in touch with people who you know are in the market for a new building. Encourage them to call us at 1-800-341-7007 or have them log onto our website at and request a steel building quote mentioning you as the person who referred them. We will work with them one-on-one on their building project. When they purchase a SteelMaster building, we will send you a check in the mail as soon as the building is delivered to them.

“show off”

We will also link you with others who are interested in purchasing a SteelMaster building. We maintain a list of our registered Partners in Steel and will connect you with potential building owners in your area. A SteelMaster building representative will always contact you for permission to make an appointment before sending anyone to see your building. When you show off your steel building and a customer purchases a SteelMaster, we will send you a check when the building is delivered.

Featured Projects

Do you have photos and a story of your building you would like to share? We will be featuring testimonials and photos of our Partner’s buildings on our website and marketing materials. To participate, just mark on your online registration form, “I have a story to tell” and we will get in contact with you. You can also email your story directly to Elizabeth Anderson at

How do I participate?

Simply fill out our online “Partners in Steel” Registration form. We will verify your information and include you in our program. When you sign up, you are participating in one of the most dynamic referral programs in the world. You will be working together with SteelMaster to celebrate your building project. Thank you for your continued support and association with SteelMaster Buildings. Please contact us at 1-800-341-7007 for any further assistance.

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