SteelMaster’s State-of-the-Art Factory Focuses on Quality

Quality: It’s the main reason why thousands of customers invest in SteelMaster Buildings every day.  

Every quality product has to have a great beginning, and our buildings start their amazing journey at our new state-of-the-art factory. 

When you buy a SteelMaster building, you’re getting a structure that is both engineered and manufactured inside one of the most efficient, technologically advanced production facilities in the industry.  

Our state-of-the-art factory is fully equipped with the latest technology and highly-skilled production technicians who go the extra mile every day to deliver superior quality products to our customers.  

Our structural engineering team has been creating steel projects for companies all over the globe since 1981. We take great care to provide customized steel buildings to everyone from the homeowner who just wants a simple backyard shed to store a few tools to the Fortune 500 Company looking for a large custom building.  

We have even provided buildings to every branch of the U.S. government. The Navy SEALs came to SteelMaster Buildings when they wanted a top-secret building to store their weapons and gear. We were able to design and deliver a building to fit their specific needs.  

Our SteelMaster team has also worked with other notable companies and agencies including Disney, Hummer, General Motors and NASA just to name a few.  

No matter the size or requirement of the structure, each SteelMaster building is engineered, manufactured and shipped from one central location that is dedicated to creating excellent products every time.  

Recently, SteelMaster’s factory underwent a major upgrade to keep up with increasing demand. Our new facility allowed for more enhanced machinery, additional staff members, computerized lines and better engineering capabilities. The requests for steel buildings have become so plentiful that we already have plans for another expansion in the future.  

Our SteelMaster team ships buildings all over the world, and to better serve our international customers, we have updated the way we do things in our factory. We have a centralized process that allows us to manufacture products in one facility. This makes everything significantly more efficient between engineering, production and distribution that guarantee more consistency, higher quality, and faster turnaround times.  

We have also added automated, computer-controlled machinery, which continues to make our prefabrication process even more efficient. Data is fed into the system directly from engineering into the production equipment. This is a process that eliminates the potential for errors and delivers more precise results.   

Our new factory also has dedicated space to store even more steel. This gives us the opportunity to purchase large volumes of raw material at a reduced cost, and these savings are then passed on to our customers.  

SteelMaster follows the strictest quality assurance standards to prevent issues during the delivery process. Before your building is loaded onto the truck, it goes through a series of thorough inspections before it is delivered to your location.  

SteelMaster takes great pride in producing some of the strongest structures in the industry. A huge part of our success can be easily attributed to our well-organized, professional manufacturing design team at our factory.   

Look for more expansion and innovation in the future as we continue to produce high quality products that inspire creativity, economy and longevity.