Hear From Our Customers

“I bought a helicopter kit and built a rotary wing gyrocopter, but I soon found out that it was too difficult to fly it out of my yard. I sold it and then built a Helicycle instead. I wanted to move it out of my garage, and that is when I bought my SteelMaster building. I wanted something durable and something easy to put up. SteelMaster was it. Out of all the places I have been, I’m more than content to just fly around here for fun. I’m comfortable here—Louisiana is where I belong,”

  • Clarence Abadie

“I bought the building and constructed it with two helpers and a tractor with a front end loader. I originally just poured concrete footings and then later added concrete in the middle. I only had half of the arches up when Hurricane Gustav hit us. The building came out with minimal damage and that was only due to the fact that the end angles were not attached to one side so the edge of the last arch was free to flap in the wind. This caused a small hole in that arch, but that is it. Now that the building is complete and end walls are up I believe it is the strongest building on the property,”

  • Beau Andrepont, Hurricane Gustav Survivor

“I used the steel building to store two cars and a large collection of toys. The two cars were not damaged at all, but I did lose some of my toy collection due to the rain water that fell inside once the trees hit the building. But considering the size of the trees, I should have lost everything. SteelMaster buildings are great. They are strong, nice looking, easy to assemble, and if you want to add on to it, that is easy to do as well. I can’t believe how the building absorbed the weight of those trees and that the cars were not damaged at all. I am impressed,”

  • John Davis

“I was fortunate to talk with David B. Adams, who at that time was the director of marketing with SteelMaster Buildings, and after speaking with him, I was convinced that this was the building that I needed because it would fit my needs from a quality and durability standpoint. He was very informative from my first conversation with him, and we became very good friends. I appreciate that the ease of which I have been able to assemble and construct my buildings as well as their durability, quality, and the fact that they blend very well into my farm layout and the landscape. As a result, I have helped SteelMaster sell numerous buildings in this area of Georgia. The picture that is shown in the Georgia section of the SteelMaster website shows the back side of my three buildings. I am proud of my buildings, and I appreciate them being a part of the company’s website,”

  • Danny Hendrick

I like the industrial look of them, and I also love their shape. I met with some local artists who own SteelMaster buildings before I decided to buy from the company, and I knew then it was what I wanted. The acoustics were phenomenal, so now that building is used as a performance arts space as well. It was an added benefit I didn’t see coming. I have myself a little compound now, and I couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out—these buildings are virtually maintenance free and will outlive me, that’s for sure. When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing with erector sets and putting the pieces together to building something unique every time. Putting these buildings together is very similar to that, just on a bigger scale. I am all about creating things with form and function, and SteelMaster buildings definitely fit the bill,”

  • Bobby Furst, Artist

“In winters past it would take us an hour or so just to dig the car out of the snow and then clean it off and warm it up—that added up to a lot of outside time in the cold weather. We are in our 60’s now so we decided it was time to make our life a little easier. At that time the only steel building that came up in our area was SteelMaster’s, so that is the company we bought from. After we had the foundation poured, we had four of our dear friends help us do the job of erecting the building. My wife and I put the panels together on the ground, so they were ready when we got the crew in. It was like an old time barn raising, but the good thing is it only took about four actual days of work to raise the whole thing. Those who lived in the community couldn’t believe how quickly it went up, so many had to drive by daily to see the progress,”

  • Michael Curtiss

“We have no posts interfering with our interior space, except for the ones we installed. I like the sound of rain on the metal roof. I like the efficiency of design and style. I like the fact that it is different from most other approaches to home design and building. I like the cost efficiency. Once our metal building was up, I was amazed at how much rainwater could be captured! One square foot of rain, 1-inch deep, provides .625 gallons of water. That might not sound like much by itself, but it translates to 40,000 gallons of water per year that falls on our building. I estimate that using the cistern saved us about $1,500 versus drilling a deep well. This is a pay-as-you-go project, and we’ve kept costs to a minimum. We explore all options before spending. We will have no debt related to the farmstead, and expect to generate some income from our labors through the sale of our excess crops, shiitake mushrooms, and honey. Most people say they think it is really cool,”

  • Bill Hankanson, Motor Earth Home

“It was a heavy wet snow that damaged some trees and even caused a metal 10 x 10 building out back to completely cave in—but my SteelMaster was just fine. These winters have put it to the test, and that is one tough building. I was searching for something that was low maintenance, and that is exactly what I got with my SteelMaster. I have another pole building on my property made of wood and metal, and I’ve had to paint the roof a few times, tighten loose nails, and do a bunch of other maintenance—I’m just tired of all the upkeep. With the SteelMaster building, once I got it up, I didn’t have to even think about it again. There is nothing to maintain. Another thing I noticed is that the building doesn’t sweat. When I keep my jeep in another one of my buildings, sometimes I go to get in them and there is condensation on the windshield. That has never happened with my SteelMaster, so the ventilation in it is really good. I’ve actually been seeing more and more SteelMaster buildings going up around these parts. They are a great investment, require no maintenance, and they look good, so I’m not surprised people are buying them. I’m already making plans myself to buy a third one because I love the buildings so much,”

  • Evalynn Hyra

“We have been coming to the island for years with friends and family, and it has always been our dream to have our own place. There were several factors that steered us toward a steel building. Obviously the strength of the building was a major factor, and it was very cost effective as compared to conventional construction—but the biggest factor was the ease and time of construction. Since we do not live in Grand Isle and have regular jobs during the week, we are only able to work on the weekends. We were able to have the exterior closed in and out of the weather in only two weekends. Conventional construction would have taken much longer, leaving the subfloor and framing exposed to the weather. We are all in this together, so even though we are not fishing yet, we are still spending time with family—which is the whole reason for starting this project in the first place. It is very different from other buildings on the island—we get a lot of looks and stares! We are still trying to decide on a name for the camp, and since it will actually be our own little piece of paradise, maybe we will incorporate that into the name,”

  • Rispone LA Fishing Cabin on Stilts

“I’ve been taking dance classes for years and thought it would be cool to be able to dance at home. I’m sure I will be able to fit 20 people dancing in there once I take out my two cars and hide all the tools in the cabinets. My plan is to host a barn dance a couple times a year unless I meet a “permanent” dance partner. I searched the web and SteelMaster Buildings came up more prominently than others. The person who helped me gave me good discounts and was friendly. He also stored the building for more than six months while I prepared the sight. The county insisted on me getting an engineer to design the concrete slab, which set me back six weeks and $800. The day we were able to start building was a beautiful fall day, and we had it up and all the bolts in in five hours. I expect to get the front and back on and the cabinets built in the next few months. Ask questions, check out other building in your area, and check county requirements for foundation and slab before you get started,”

  • Kester Dance Hall, AZ

“I guess 27 years of doing all the work outside and dragging a floor jack though the mud will do that. Now firmly in middle age, I wasn’t having fun laying in the snow and mud anymore. I’ve always performed my own vehicle and equipment maintenance and repairs, year round, and sometimes in the snow and mud. We also rebuilt several vehicles outside; a 60’s vintage Manx style dune buggy, several early Broncos, and a Jeep CJ-5. All these were stripped right to the frame and assembled with fiberglass bodies, new/rebuilt drive trains and suspension. We cleared the site ourselves (previously wooded), and used a local contractor for the foundation. We laid out the radiant floor, and the contractor came back to pour the floor. The building was mostly assembled by just three of us. We used the Industrial Base Connector system which kept it straight, and I believe made the assembly easier. We also ended up using the insulation package offered by SteelMaster (installed by two of us; probably the most difficult part of the entire project). We use a small propane boiler to heat the floor. All in all, we could not be happier with our decision to go this route,”

  • Lempicki

“I decided to build the SteelMaster house because I am now 50 years old, not an antique yet, but I have had some health issues in the past. I wanted a new house with all new ‘stuff’ in it, so if I have health troubles down the road hopefully I won’t have to be working on the house. My present house has steps to climb to get in it. The SteelMaster house is built at ground level so it is far easier to get into, especially if I have mobility troubles later on. We started building the SteelMaster house about eight months ago—the ‘shells’ went up in about a month and the shop was completed in two weeks after that. Last week we started on the house inside wood framing, but we are in no hurry to complete the house since I still have a good house to live in. It could be called a super insulated house. I put 2″ foam board under the concrete floor, sprayed in foam insulation on the inside of the SteelMaster ‘shell’ , and the end walls are 2″ x 6″ wood framed with spray foam on the inside and foam board on the outside with a metallic type of house wrap covered with shake looking vinyl siding on both ends. The house has three windows—two in the front wall and one in the rear wall,”

  • Danny Lyles, TN SM House