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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to get the best price. When you purchase a metal storage Quonset Hut™ from SteelMaster, you’ll get the best building for a competitive price.

We offer a wide variety of storage buildings for sale ranging from 10’ wide to 150’ wide. The length of the building can vary in increments of 2’. Customers have the option to change the length of the building at any time by adding or removing panels.

Although we make the process simple, there are a few things you need to consider when searching for a metal storage building.

Here’s a simple checklist of items you need to keep in mind before purchasing a metal Quonset Hut™ building.

  • Measure the area where you will be constructing your new storage building.

  • Select the building model that will meet the needs of your new storage building as well as be aesthetically pleasing on your property.

  • Determine what the snow and wind load requirements for your building location. (This is a very important step that will have an impact on your storage building’s cost as the structure will need to meet county building codes for permitting.)

  • Decide on a budget range for your building project. Typically storage building prices are established using cost per square foot as the baseline metrics. SteelMaster’s storage buildings can start as low as $11 per square depending on desired parts and accessories.

Excellent customer service, competitive prices, very accommodating on delivery scheduling. Friendly, courteous employees to work with, from start to delivery. Completely satisfied. Thank You!Jay Cheek, FL

Once you have decided on the building that’s right for you, contact our team of experienced specialists who will not only guide you to the next step, they will see you through the entire process.

They will go over more details about your building, current sales, clearance options, and additional parts you may need to include with your building.

If you want to save money and time while also getting one of the strongest storage buildings on earth, a SteelMaster Quonset Hut™ is your best option.

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