Long-Lasting, Prefabricated Storage Shed Kits

Long-Lasting, Prefabricated Storage Shed Kits

prefabricated sheds kits

SteelMaster Buildings offers a variety of easy-to-build prefabricated shed kits to help you find a safe, durable storage space for all of your valuable items.

We make it easy for the ultimate DIYer to put together one of our storage Quonset Hut sheds. Our prefab kits do not require any cutting, welding, or heavy equipment to assemble. All of the steel panels in each kit are already prefabricated at our factory before it gets delivered to your doorstep. This reduces the time it takes to construct and the cost.

“Everything went extremely well. We took our time and was able to get it up in three days. The materials are of excellent quality. The instructions were fairly simple. I highly recommend SteelMaster products.”Paul
Perkins, LA

Ease of construction is not the only benefit you will get when you purchase a SteelMaster metal shed kit. Our Quonset Hut sheds are engineered to meet the specific load, wind and snow requirements of your location. Whether it’s a strong tornado, massive hurricane, or dangerous winds, SteelMaster’s sheds have been tested and are among the buildings still standing.

Although our shed kits are made with durable, commercial grade steel, each panel can be easily lifted with average human strength and can be assembled with common household tools.

Another great advantage of choosing a SteelMaster metal shed kit is the amount of available usable space. Quonset Huts do not require the use of beams and trusses, which allows owners the opportunity to use 100% of the space inside. That means more space for all of your items.

Customers searching for a cost effective, permanent storage shed solution that requires little maintenance and is easy to put together will find that SteelMaster has a model to fit your storage shed needs.

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