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SteelMaster prefabricated garages are the perfect solution for your steel garage or metal garage needs. Whether you're looking for an RV garage, a building to use as an auto shop or a workshop where you can store tools, SteelMaster has you covered.

A garage is a very important purchase. After all, it holds some of your most valuable possessions. When you purchase a SteelMaster garage kit, you can rest assured knowing that your building's arch design makes it stronger than straight wall alternatives and that it is engineered to meet the wind and snow loads of your location. Your car garage is made from top quality commercial grade materials and is constructed from steel that is never thinner than 22 gauge. Nothing is stronger than our steel garages — that's why you can trust us to supply you with the building that will house your car, boat, RV or workshop.

SteelMaster prefab garage kits have the added benefit of being easy to assemble and maintain. Our steel garage kits and metal garage and garage carport kits come with only one size nut and bolt for maximum ease of assembly, making them ideal for do-it-yourselfers. Most customers erect their metal garages in just a few days with the help of some friends.

SteelMaster steel garages and metal garages are all coated with dry, clear, organic Galvalume Plus coating, which provides a maintenance-free finish that will keep your prefabricated, portable garage in top condition for years to come. Unlike wooden alternatives, our metal garage kits aren't susceptible to rotting or decay, and they won't attract unwelcome critters.

In addition, you can customize your steel garage so that it blends in perfectly with existing buildings on your property. We offer options for creating custom endwalls from almost any material imaginable, as well as steel endwalls in a variety of colors. Whether you prefer a more traditional look with one of our A-Model prefab garage kits or our forward-thinking X-Model, we will match you with the perfect building for your needs at garage prices you can afford.

Learn more about the most popular uses of our steel garage kits:

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A-Model Steel Garage Custom Front Antique Auto Garage S-Model Steel Garage Metal Q-Model Garage X-Model Steel Garage Metal X-Model Garage Custom Endwall S-Model Garage Steel Garage Kit Metal Garage Building Custom Front Metal Garage Two-Car Garage Steel Two-Car Garage

Comments From Our Readers:

Elizabeth A.Nov 20, 2013

Hi Barbara – Thanks for your question! I can’t speak to what’s on the inside of that particular garage, but the clear span design of our buildings means that you can frame out whatever size office or room you please inside your building. And yes, we can help you find a building that will fit on a pre-existing foundation.


Does the 2-car steel bldg with a regular door on the left—have an office/room separate from the garage? Like the Dodge Garage has a door in the middle- is that an office/storage between two cars??? Do you erect bldg on my foundation?

myron wrightAug 17, 2013



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