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When you spend your hard-earned dollars on a major investment, you want to protect it the best way you can. That’s why RV owners choose SteelMaster’s ultra strong, prefab steel garages to protect their motor homes.

SteelMaster’s steel garage kits offer customers several amazing benefits. Our metal quonset buildings can accommodate large or small motor homes and can be customized to fit any large vehicle. They provide a column-free, clear span design that creates maximum usable space and extra height inside. This allows users to store their RVs while also leaving room for other items.

Not only are these RV garages durable and spacious, they are easy to put together. Customers love the ability to design and build their very own quonsets.

“We were quite surprised how big and tall it is. It also a very attractive design, not at all like the cheap flimsy ones you usually see to protect motor homes. It’s a very sturdy RV Garage”Richard & Gloria S.
St. Augustine, FL

We have a wide variety of steel RV garage plans that allows each person to customize the building to fit the specific dimensions of their vehicle. SteelMaster offers high quality, DIY garages that can survive even the most severe weather events.

Our steel quonset buildings can handle strong winds, severe hail storms, and even heavy snow loads.

Folks who love their recreational vehicles look to SteelMaster to provide strong, versatile, pre-engineered quonset huts to protect their investment against the elements.

When you own a SteelMaster, you can cruise down the open road with peace of mind.

Contact a SteelMaster building specialist to discuss your RV garage plans to ensure you get the best building to cover your property.

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