Parts and Accessories

Have you recently purchased a SteelMaster Building, or are you considering such a purchase? You’ll likely be interested in reviewing some of our Steel Building Accessories. There are tons of different options to consider, so if you want to customize your building to your exact needs, we invite you to consider what we have to offer.

Base Connector

A keyway foundation is our standard foundation, but we offer an optional C-Channel or Industrial Base Connector to provide a transition from your building to its foundation. Arches bolt to the Base Connector, which anchors bolts to the concrete foundation. Base Connector gives you flexibility to move or expand your SteelMaster building and is perfect with existing slabs or block walls.


All SteelMaster arch panels are precision cold formed and manufactured to specifications of exacting form and fit. Each arch panel has a 7.5” depth corrugation, which provides superior strength. All SteelMaster panels are pre-cut, die-punched and designed to overlap and align perfectly with each adjacent panel.

Features :

  • No need to form a keyway groove, which reduces the cost of form lumber and labor
  • No costly grouting
  • Greatly reduces time of construction
  • No maintenance (no re-caulking or grouting as things loosen over time)
  • Quicker and simpler construction process
  • Allows buildings to be portable
  • Gives you the flexibility to expand your SteelMaster building at a later date

Features :

  • If you have previously purchased a SteelMaster building, you may be interested in expanding its size.
  • Extending your building can be done by purchasing additional arches in desired 2’ lengths.
  • Arches are covered in Galvalume Plus coating with Energy Star Rating which is a dry, clear, organic resin standard coating.
  • Adding arches for extra building length is fast, simple and economical.

Louver Vents

Louver vents eliminate condensation and maximize air circulation. Vents significantly reduce the heat from within your building at a very low cost to you. They are easily installed into endwalls of your building allowing air to flow through from one end to the other.

Turbine Vents

Turbine vents are easily installed in the roof line to allow for maximum airflow. As the stagnant heat and moisture build-up is siphoned from your building, airflow is created as outdoor air is pulled into the building, thereby maintaining a constant circulation of air passing through your building.

Features :

  • Louver vents improves cross ventilation and reduces condensation in your building.
  • Vents provide a cost-effective ventilation solution for your steel building.
  • They are available in both 14’’w x 12”h  and 24”w x 36”h.
  • SteelMaster is proud to offer several fixed-blade models.

Features :

  • No electricity or gas is needed to power your ventilator as our turbine ventilator uses wind velocity to function.
  • They are noise free and do not allow rainwater into the building.
  • SteelMaster turbines can withstand wind velocity of up to 120 mph.
  • For maximum operation of these ventilators, one turbine vent is recommended for each 600 square feet, or one for every 20 linear feet, of building area.


SteelMaster Skylights are designed with a flat bottom V-shaped corrugation that matches our panels’ design and allows light to shine in at three angles, dispersing the light 3x better than a conventional flat-panel skylight.


Many customers are surprised to find that they don’t really need insulation for their SteelMaster buildings. In certain instances, however, you may want to outfit your building with insulation.

Features :

  • Skylight panels will take the place of an existing steel roof panel (specific locations vary per model).
  • They are manufactured to match the corrugation and, where applicable, curvature of the roof panel that they replace to insure a complete, watertight connection.
  • Panels are made with pigmented ultra-violet inhibitors, which are added to our resin to reduce discoloration.
  • Skylights are thick, deep corrugated SteelMaster skylight panels that have incredible resistance to high wind, small flying debris and hail.
  • Skylights are recommend one per 20 linear foot of building; however, you can max out the building by staggering the panels side to side every 10 foot of length.
  • Skylights are available in 12, 16 and 24 ounce weights and come in a variety of colors.

Features :

  • SteelMaster insulation is used to control environmental conditions based on building application and possible condensation issues.
  • SteelMaster offers blanket style insulation packages that can be easily installed during your initial construction.
  • These packages can also be easily retrofitted after building construction.
  • Our insulation is a light density fiberglass blanket designed to be laminated appropriate facings (of which there are a variety).
  • Standard rolls widths are 48″, 60″ and 72″. The product complies with North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) standards.

Garage Doors

Garage Doors can be added when a larger entrance is needed and placed in either endwalls or sidewalls. SteelMaster Framed Openings are steel-framed openings for endwalls and sidewalls that come ready to install doors on. Along with standard Sectional Overhead Doors, frames for Bi-Fold Doors and Rolling Sheet Cannister Doors are also available.

Service Doors

SteelMaster Service Doors can be added for ease of access and placed in either Endwalls or Sidewalls. Appropriate location of Service Door frame depends on building configuration.

Features :

  • Garage door frames are typically mounted in the center of the Endwall.
  • Service doors may require framed openings to be offset on the Endwall.
  • The size of the Garage Door Framed Opening depends on internal clearance from door manufacturer.

Features :

  • 31″ x 80” Complete Standard Endwall Door
  • 4′ x 7′ Complete Standard Endwall Door
  • 67″ x 80″ Double Standard Endwall Door
  • 6′ x 7′ Double Conventional Endwall Door


SteelMaster Solid Endwalls are pre-cut and die-punched for ease of assembly. They bolt together using the same one-size nut and bolt system used for the arches. This provides a solid, weather-resistant vertical shield to an end of your SteelMaster Building.

Colored Endwalls

SteelMaster Colored Endwalls offer the same strength as our standard endwalls while providing the option to customize the look of your building. They are available only on A-Model buildings up to 30′ wide. The pre-painted steel endwalls are available in four colors.

Features :

  • Endwall panels are designed according to the door system employed in your building.
  • Solid Endwalls include a Trim Kit (inner and outer curved flashing angles, to connect end panels to the arch systems).
  • Your endwall may also be recessed to allow for an awning.
  • Solid Endwalls are standard silver color.

Featured Colors :

  • Bone White
  • Tuscan Tan
  • Mocha Brown
  • Pine Green

Window Frames

SteelMaster provides window frames for our steel buildings. Endwall Window Frames are constructed with 14 gauge steel and designed to fit perfectly between Endwall panels. They’re extremely easy to install, with pre-drilled mounting holes, and comes in sizes to accommodate standard windows available at local stores.


Every SteelMaster building is constructed using one size nut and bolt. The SteelMaster bolts feature a recessed groove in the cap for the polyethylene washer to form a virtually airtight seal. SteelMaster bolts set the standard for quality and ease of construction, and offer unsurpassed strength and flexibility.

Features :

  • Standard Endwall Window Frame 24″ x 36″ – 14 gauge
  • Standard Endwall Window Frame 48″ x 36″ – 14 gauge
  • Custom endwall window frames are also available.
  • Sidewall window frames are also available in both standard and custom sizes.

Features :

  • Grade 2, JS 1000 Hour Salt Spray Tested Bolts are standard.
  • Grade 8/1500 Hour and Grade 5/Stainless bolts are available.
  • Hex, Serrated, Self-locking Nuts standard.
  • Pre-recessed Polyethylene Sealing Washers (LPDE). Industrial grade plastic, tolerant of extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • All hardware is pre-assembled by the manufacturer.

Engineered Blueprints

SteelMaster Engineered Blueprints meet all local building loads requirements. All design and calculations are stamped by licensed professional engineer. They provide clearly diagramed drawings of your building.

Construction Manual

The SteelMaster Construction Manual provides you with step-by-step information on the easy assembly of your SteelMaster Building. The Construction Manual will also provide you with information on custom buildings and how to adapt your SteelMaster building to meet your needs.

Features :

  • Rear elevation (facing rear endwall outside the building)
  • Side elevation (facing length of building)
  • Front elevation (facing front endwall outside the building)
  • Arch profile showing the correct placement of the arch panels and gauge thickness
  • Aerial view of the slab (includes either keyway dimensions or anchor bolt data)
  • Foundation views A-A (side view) and the B-B (length view)
  • General notes and specifications column

Features :

  • The SteelMaster building construction manual is hand delivered to you upon delivery of your buildings.
  • If you need additional assistance, our Customer Service Representatives are here to help you with any additional questions on your building construction.