SteelMaster’s Hurricane-Resistant Quonset HutsTM Offer Superior Protection

Quonset HutsTM Offer Superior Protection

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What do you do when a swirling engine of destruction packing the power of half a million small atomic bombs comes through your town like a buzzsaw destroying everything in its path? Whether you choose to evacuate to a safer area or hunker down and ride it out, are you and your belongings really protected?

Owners of prefabricated Quonset HutsTM who have survived direct hits from some of the deadliest storms say they’ve lived to tell their stories thanks to their hurricane-proof steel buildings.

Extremely dangerous cyclones have historically turned mile upon mile of coastline into wastelands. Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Irma are two of the most recent examples. Beautiful, thriving communities are reduced to piles of debris. Everything can be lost in a matter of hours after a catastrophic typhoon slams any area.

SteelMaster’s customers say despite the devastation around them, their storm-proof buildings have survived.

“Irma came through with a fury. A huge palm fell on my SteelMaster building built in ’91 and bounced off on to the ground. No damage!” says George Behary of Florida.

Our buildings are based on the original design used by the military in WWII. Over the last seven decades, SteelMaster has taken this classic, strong arch design and combined it with modern innovations, making our arched, corrugated steel buildings some of the strongest structures on earth.

The original version of the Quonset HutTM required the use of more tools, components and manpower. Military builders had to construct a rounded frame first. After the frame was builtthey took individual sheets of thin, ribbed metal and hammered them onto the structure.

SteelMaster has significantly reduced the time it takes to build a Quonset HutTM, and we’ve also made it much stronger with a thicker gauge of steel. Instead of having to build an internal structure, we’ve designed each panel with deep corrugation, which gives it super strength. Each panel is overlapped and bolted to the next. This creates one continuous structure able to resist the force of strong winds by distributing the force to the ground instead of causing the building to collapse.

We design our structures to meet the building codes for hurricane-prone areas which change frequently with the increase of tropical depressions. Our high-grade commercial steel has the best high-speed resistance of any other kind of building.

Hurricanes can pack winds from 74 mph as a category 1 to over 157 mph or more as a category 5 according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Poorly constructed, rigid frame structures are left defenseless against the power of the hurricane’s howling winds, but SteelMaster’s cyclone-proof house materials have endured when tested in the most powerful storms.

Our prefabricated Quonset HutsTM are High Velocity Hurricane Zone certified, which is especially important in the state of Florida. After Hurricane Andrew devastated portions of the state, officials made the local building codes even stricter to keep citizens safe. This was especially significant in Broward County and Miami-Dade which bore the brunt of the impact of Andrew and the latest storm Irma.

To test the strength of our buildings, our engineers hurled a wooden plank into one of our panels at 100 mph. Instead of penetrating the metal skin, the plank barely made a dent. Thousands of customers have chosen to rebuild with our steel structures after major disasters because our hurricane-proof home designs are unmatched in the industry..

Any one of the giant storms prowling the tropical seas can feast on a hearty meal of warm water and wind and come full force towards the west, ready to destroy everything it touches.

As the climate adjusts to warmer temperatures, the likelihood for even bigger, more dangerous storms in the future is possible. When the eyewall of a category 5 storm makes landfall, the results can be catastrophic for any region. SteelMaster’s strong, corrugated arch designs are built to stand against the sustained winds of such a storm. The maximum sustained surface winds of a major hurricane are enough to collapse a traditional straight wall building, but over the years and through the decades, SteelMaster’s buildings have continued to survive.

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