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Quonset-style buildings, or Q-Models, are the foundation of the SteelMaster business. These arch style buildings are renowned for their strength and versatility and are the simply the best value prefab metal buildings on the market.

SteelMaster quonset hut kits have been used for applications ranging from homes to hay storage and from garages to aircraft hangars.

Each building can be assembled by a team of two to five people in just a few days and use only one size nut and bolt
Each building is made from commercial grade steel and is engineered to meet the wind and snow loads of your location
SteelMaster Q-Models are the strongest Quonsets on the market

Since the value of your farm and agriculture building is really in its ability to protect the equipment stored inside, SteelMaster steel agricultural buildings provide maximum protection for your farm equipment. Our farm storage buildings are made with the highest quality steel and are fully customizable to fit your needs. The building can be used to store machinery, livestock or crops. SteelMaster provides the best solution to keep your investments protected and safe from the elements using heavy commercial grade steel to provide unparalleled strength and durability.

SteelMaster hay storage buildings are the most durable, most economical, highest quality hay barns you'll find anywhere. Unlike traditional wood pole barns, SteelMaster hay storage sheds aren't prone to rotting, don't require painting and won't attract unwanted critters. Like all SteelMaster buildings, our hay barns feature a clear span arch design that is structurally superior to straight wall buildings. SteelMaster hay storage sheds offer 100 percent usable space and are fully customizable — you choose the model, width, length and endwall style that best suits your needs. Don't overpay for an inferior hay storage building that will cost you additional money and precious time to construct.

For those who have the time, inclination, and the ability to follow instructions, assembling a barn, stall or run-in shed from a building kit is a great option. Do-it-yourself kits can yield impressive savings and offer you control over the building size and options. Clear span buildings have no interior weight-bearing posts, allowing maximum in interior layout flexibility. Steel barns are extremely strong, less expensive than wood, require little upkeep –they won’t rot or warp, and it’s not subject to chewing or animal damage.