Ready-to-Assemble DIY Kits to Build Your Steel Garage


SteelMaster Buildings has the perfect solution for your storage needs—metal garage kits. Whether you need additional storage for your cars, RV’s or general items, our do-it-yourself garage kits will save you time and money while also providing adequate protection for your investments.

Prefabricated metal garage kits are designed with the average homeowner in mind. Anyone at any skill level can put one together. You don’t need an expensive construction crew or experience to construct your own SteelMaster building. If you can put together an erector set, you can certainly put up a metal garage kit.

Not only are they easy to assemble, they come prepackaged and we deliver them right to your door. Each garage kit comes in several neatly packed bundles on a pallet, packaged much like a can of Pringles.

Our kits come with all of the high-quality, pre-engineered materials that you’ll need to easily put together your own DIY garage.

“I chose Steel Master Buildings because I liked the website, the salesman and all the support staff. I purchased my garage for my property in Baja California, Mexico. I wanted a building that would go up quickly, yet be very durable and strong to withstand the north winds that whip through here in the winter.”Mary C.
Reno, NV and Baja California, Mexico

Prefab metal garage kits are engineered for your specific location. If you live in an area that experiences heavy snow, extreme winds, or dangerous hail, each SteelMaster garage kit is specially made to withstand the unique climate conditions of every customer.

You will receive pre-punched panels, nuts and bolts, and instructions for ease of construction. No welding or cutting is necessary.

Our metal garage kits are available in a wide variety of sizes and heights to meet your building needs. We offer garage kits that are ideal for single-car, two-car, or three-car garages. You can even park your entire vehicle collection inside of one of our larger quonset hut garages.

SteelMaster has metal garage kits for sale that meet the needs of every customer. Not only are the some of the strongest buildings on earth, they are certainly some of the easiest to construct.

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