SteelMaster prefabricated garages are the perfect solution for your steel arch garage needs. Whether you’re looking for an RV garage, a building to use as an auto shop or a workshop where you can store tools, SteelMaster has you covered.

A garage is a very important purchase. After all, it holds some of your most valuable possessions. When you purchase a SteelMaster garage kit, you can rest assured knowing that your building’s arch design makes it stronger than straight wall alternatives and that it is engineered to meet the wind and snow loads of your location. Your car garage is made from top quality commercial grade materials and is constructed from steel that is never thinner than 22 gauge. Nothing is stronger than our steel garages — that’s why you can trust us to supply garages that will house your car, boat, RV or workshop.


These metal garages have the added benefit of being easy to construct and maintain, since they come with only one size nut and bolt for maximum ease of assembly. This makes our garages the ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts. Most customers erect their SteelMaster garages in just a few days with the help of some friends or family.

All of our prefabricated garages are coated with a dry, clear coating called Galvalume Plus, which provides a maintenance-free finish that will keep your building in top condition for years to come. Unlike wooden alternatives, these steel garages aren’t susceptible to rotting or decay, and they won’t attract unwelcome critters.

In addition, you can customize your garage so that it blends in perfectly with existing buildings on your property. We offer options for creating custom endwalls from almost any material imaginable, as well as steel endwalls in a variety of colors. Whether you prefer a more traditional look with one of our A-Model garages or our forward-thinking X-Model, we will match you with the perfect building for your needs at garage prices you can afford.

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There are many factors that determine a steel building quote. The building location, size and use are all needed in order to figure out the proper gauge for your new building. If you’re not sure about any of those details yet, just provide as much information as possible, and a Steel Building Specialist will help you determine the best building for your project.

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