CubeDepot container cover roof

The Solution to Your Storage Needs

Have you heard about all the ways container roof systems can benefit your business storage needs? We can help make the most of your wasted space with our customizable steel container roofs.

SteelMaster container roofs have many great features. The following are several that our customers have found to be the most beneficial :

Commercial-grade steel

Creates one of the strongest roofing systems on the market capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions and jobsite hazards. Once constructed, they are made to last.

Clear span design

Provides 100% usable interior space with the room to add a mezzanine or loft for even more storage. Without the need for support columns, there’s nothing to get in the way of your equipment.

Easy to construct

Pre-cut panels, pre-punched holes and only one size bolt make your container roof simple to install.

Temporary and portable

The panel design allows your container roof to be broken down, stacked up, placed inside your container and moved to your next jobsite.


Need even more security? You can add end walls to your cover to create a fully enclosed and secure storage area or workspace.

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