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Steel Roofing Custom Design
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Custom Buildings

No matter what you're looking for in a steel building, SteelMaster can create a custom solution that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you're looking to build a unique commercial space, an extra-large industrial building or a home based on a custom-designed Quonset hut, our team of design specialists can work with you to allow you to create the exact building you’re looking for.

SteelMaster's 30-year-plus history of solving building and design challenges uniquely qualifies us to be your partner in a custom building project. If you desire a unique building application, we can help you determine the best building model and steel gauge to meet your customized steel buildings needs. No matter what level of customization your project requires, expect a seamless experience from SteelMaster.

And as always, you can trust SteelMaster to provide you with the strongest, most durable steel on the market. Our custom buildings will be made from nothing less than heavy 22 gauge commercial grade steel. They will also be custom engineered to meet the snow, wind, and seismic loads of your location. Finally, your custom building will be coated in Galvalume Plus, the best corrosion-resistant, solar-reflective steel treatment solution available on the market today. Because we offer the best product on the market, we’re happy to stand behind it; all SteelMaster Buildings come with a thirty-year warranty.

Check out this case study for a little more insight into how SteelMaster can work with you to help you realize any unique vision you may have for a custom steel building. 

For a few additional examples of customized SteelMaster buildings, here are a few entries from our blog about customers who have let their imagination run wild with a SteelMaster building:

Unique Office Building Features SteelMaster Roofing

SteelMaster Hangar Lets Minnesota Pilor Soar

SteelMaster Building in the Statesman

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Custom Metal Quonset Hut Custom Steel Quonset Hut Customized Quonset Hut Kit Custom Metal Roof for Building
LEED Certified Building Materials
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Green Buildings

SteelMaster Buildings is proud to offer environmentally friendly buildings. Our green steel buildings are designed to minimize environmental impact by:

  •  Efficiently using energy, water and other resources
  •  Protecting occupant health
  •  Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation

Whether you're looking to create a large-scale LEED-certified building or a more sustainable office space, trust SteelMaster Buildings' line of green products to help you create a building that is both attractive and sustainable. To learn more about SteelMaster's LEED capabilities, click here.

All SteelMaster buildings, whether they are specifically green buildings or not, are made of at least 80 percent recycled steel and are covered in Galvalume Plus coating, which reduces energy consumption by reflecting heat. You can learn more about the sustainability of steel by visiting our Recycling Steel page here.

There are also many options for adding onto and customizing our green steel buildings in order to maximize their sustainability. These include

  •  Taking advantage of renewable resources such as use of sunlight by installing large windows or using solar-powered energy sources
  •  Utilizing high efficiency windows and insulation to reduce energy use and increase efficiency of the building envelope (the barrier between conditioned and unconditioned space)
  •  Orienting windows, walls, awnings and porches in a way that provides more natural light, maximizing solar gain and thereby lessening the need for electric light during the day
  •  Installing on-site renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, hydro power or biomass to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the building

Under certain circumstances, SteelMaster buildings may be eligible to earn LEED Credits. Learn more about LEED Credit opportunities with SteelMaster Building products by visiting our LEED Credit page here.

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Metal Building LEED Credit Steel Building LEED Credit Metal Roof LEED Credit Steel Roof LEED Credit
Military Barrack Design
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We are extremely proud of the work we have done with the federal government, and believe that we have the experience, resources, and quality of service and product to continue to be the best choice in our field for government agencies.

NASA chose SteelMaster Buildings to protect their shuttle components and valuable equipment. They were confident in SteelMaster’s ability to design, build, ship and service all of their prefabricated building needs. Though we have always prided ourselves on the ingenuity of our engineering, the vote of confidence expressed by the world’s greatest engineering organization when they chose our product over all others is a massive point of pride.

NASA is not the only major government agency who has chosen SteelMaster. With thousands of satisfied customers, SteelMaster takes pride in knowing our steel buildings have earned the favor of every military branch, as well as the Departments of Corrections, Transportation, Defense, and Public Works. We are also honored to list the FBI, DEA and the Army Corps of Engineers among our clientele. We believe the SteelMaster metal building line serves the United States military and other government branches well, especially in its ability to quickly be assembled, disassembled, relocated and then reassembled.

Our custom Quonset hut-inspired buildings for the military and other government agencies are made of nothing less than heavy 22 gauge commercial grade steel and are available in widths of up to 150' and in any length desired. In addition, all SteelMaster buildings feature a clear span arch design that maximizes their economy and versatility. No matter the need, from metal military barracks to training facilities, portable shelters to Quonset huts, SteelMaster's corrugated buildings have all departments of the U.S. government covered.

GSA Contract #GS-07F-0458T
Effective 7/1/12 through 6/30/17

For more information on SteelMaster’s work in facilitating the military with high-grade steel buildings, you might want to check out this blog entry about how SteelMaster buildings have been integrated into Air Force training programs.

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Metal Quonset Hut Barracks Navy Army Metal Storage Building Navy Army Metal Storage Building NASA Metal Quonset Hut NASA
Freight Container Roof System Design
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Container Covers

There are about 17 million intermodal freight containers worldwide. While they have revolutionized international shipping, they have always created one large question: When they’re not in transit, what exactly are they supposed to do?

SteelMaster Buildings provides an economical solution for a variety of needs by covering the space between shipping containers. SteelMaster container covers provide maximum benefit for clients around the globe when security and storage are in high demand. With your container cover from SteelMaster Buildings, you can convert your existing storage containers into useable and secure shelter or storage space.

Construction materials arrive in shipping containers, regardless of destination. Why not use these empty steel containers to create a cost-effective solution for both container storage and security needs? With the SteelMaster shipping container cover, the space between containers is completely shielded from the elements.

SteelMaster container systems are completely customizable. Shipping containers are readily available in two standard heights and lengths, but they can be easily positioned or stacked on top of each other to create various roofing dimensions.  If you have ever wanted more room for storage without adding more cargo containers to your workspace, our covers are perfect for you.

Our container roofing systems can be attached to either the inside or outside corners of the container. SteelMaster can also provide front and rear end walls to fully enclose the area, providing additional security and useable workspace. The container covers can serve as a permanent shelter or can easily be disassembled to relocate to another job site. In addition, the arches are pre-engineered to meet all local wind, snow, and seismic design specifications.

For more information on SteelMaster container covers, including approximate pricing and ways others have used these structures, please see our article in FARM SHOW magazine.

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Metal Roof Container Cover Steel Container Cover Container Roofing System Metal Roof for Intermodal Container
Metal Roof Architecture
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Canopies and Awnings

SteelMaster metal awnings and steel awnings/canopies have a wide variety of uses, from providing shade over picnic areas to covering industrial equipment. The unique design of our metal awnings provides protection against unpleasant weather conditions, whether you need to keep industrial equipment out of the sun or people out of the rain. In addition, our industrial canopies feature a unique arch design that will securely protect whatever valuable assets are stored beneath your structure — all while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The strength of this arch system also allows our canopies and awnings to be as big or as small as needed.

SteelMaster industrial canopies are particularly well-suited for use as aircraft awnings. Our buildings' clear span design provides maximum usable space, all while keeping your airplane out of the elements. SteelMaster aircraft awnings also make excellent aircraft workspaces, particularly for sites located in warmer climates.

If you need a commercial or industrial canopy, you need a SteelMaster. This is because our canopies and awnings are the strongest on the market. They’re cast from nothing less than 22 gauge steel, and custom engineered to meet the wind, live and seismic load requirements of your location. They’re then coated with Galvalume Plus, a corrosion-resistant, solar-reflective, heat-resistant treatment which gives our roofing systems a far greater durability than any other system in the industry.

Whether you're planning a simple project, require a unique application for a standard metal building canopy or if you have a unique design already in mind, you can count on SteelMaster's many years of steel building experience to help you solve your design challenges. If you’re considering whether our line of steel awnings and canopies might be adaptable to the needs of your situation, we invite you to consider this case study for a specific example of how our team of design specialists created a solution in a unique situation.

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Metal Cover for Generator Metal Awning Metal Roof Metal Cover for Equipment
Airplane Hangar Architecture
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Quonset-style Buildings

Quonset-style buildings, commonly called “Quonset huts,” are the foundation of the SteelMaster business. They’ve grown up a lot since the days of World War II, when they originated as a product of innovative Naval engineering. In the late 1970s, SteelMaster engineered and designed a new, stronger structure based the historic designs of the Quonset hut. SteelMaster evolved the Quonset into a new structure that combines the architectural strength of the arch along with 20th century technology that allows the buildings to be designed and engineered to handle all types of climates and conditions. 

These arch style buildings are renowned for their versatility. Our Quonset hut kits have been used for applications ranging from homes to athletic facilities, and from bulk storage buildings to aircraft hangars. In fact, we invite you to click here to view a case study about an airplane hangar project SteelMaster completed in 2010.

SteelMaster Quonset-style buildings are the best value metal Quonset hut buildings on the market. The simple construction method and easy assembly of our Quonset hut building kits makes them the perfect solution when a secure, durable building is needed on a short timeline, or when a building will likely need to be expanded or relocated.

SteelMaster steel Quonset buildings are made from heavy, commercial grade, Galvalume Plus coated steel and are engineered to meet the wind, snow and seismic design criteria of your location, making SteelMaster Quonset metal buildings the strongest on the market.
Over the years, we have continued to develop the original Quonset design and engineering to meet the same primary goal: Provide all-purpose prefabricated steel buildings and roofing structures that can be shipped anywhere in the world and can be constructed quickly and easily.

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Metal Quonset Hut for Sale Metal Quonset Hut Prices Metal Quonset Hut Aircraft Hangar Steel Quonset Hut Aircraft Hangar
Steel Roof Architecture
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Steel Roofing Systems

For peoples from the Romans to modern civilization, the arch has been an engineering and architectural marvel. SteelMaster is proud to carry on this tradition. In fact, not only does SteelMaster carry on the tradition, but we have boldly redefined the technology for the 21st century. Both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, the SteelMaster Roofing System offers a rare blend of strength, style and simplicity, giving you endless application possibilities.

Our clear span steel roofing systems are a preferred choice in building materials because of the durability they offer consumers and the flexibility they offer builders. Available in widths from 10’ to 150’, and in any length preferred, our steel roofing systems can be designed to meet your exact needs. In fact, if you’re interested in learning more about the flexibility our buildings offer, you might be interested in checking out this entire page (link to Custom Buildings) we have devoted to the customization of our steel buildings.

Much more than the convenience they offer, however, is the fact that our roofing systems are the strongest on the market. They’re constructed from nothing less than 22 gauge steel, and in this respect they are by far the best product available. For more information on our steel quality, check out this PDF on what makes the SteelMaster Roofing System better than the rest.

Along with the quality of steel, our steel roofing systems are custom-engineered to meet specific wind, live and seismic load requirements worldwide. Because of this, SteelMaster steel roofing systems can withstand blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, and whatever else Mother Nature has in store.

Our roofing systems are coated with Galvalume Plus, a corrosion-resistant, solar-reflective, heat-resistant treatment which gives our roofing systems a far greater durability than any other system in the industry. It’s for this reason that we back our roofing systems with a thirty-year warranty.

If you’re interested in learning more about the application of our steel roofing systems, we invite you to explore the product pages found below:

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Metal Roof for Office Building Metal Roof for Home Metal Roof for Barn Metal Roof for Sale

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